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Welcome to Bill's very own Web page. Yes, that's a real picture of me. It was the best I could find. Scary, eh?

I've been around computers for about 21 years, professionally (sorta :-) for about 19 years. I'm an Electrical Engineer by training, and a Programmer/Analyst by vocation. I've been an Infinet subscriber since the beginning (of Infinet, that is). In fact, I was a user on Infinet's predecessor system.

I connect to the 'net with a Pentium II-400 running Win98. I use a USR Courier x2 56k modem (although I rarely get speeds above 40k). My trusty Amiga 3000 has been retired. I finally upgraded to a Cable modem. At work, I use a DigitalAlphaStation 255/233 running OpenVMS Alpha 7.1.

I got started playing on the Internet when I asked James (Nugen) if I could have access to his personal Unix system (jcnpc) back in 1990. He was kind enough to let me use his system. Of course, it wasn't quite the system that exists here now. Back then it was a 80386DX25 with one phone line (later two). The only newsreader was "rn". *shudder* Our newsfeed came in via UUCP from OSU. Back then the system was ""

When I'm not on the 'net, or working, I'm probably playing basketball or volleyball. Or I could be watching Babylon-5 (trying to figure what Koshmeans) or The Simpsons (I was a happy man until I determined I was about the same age as Homer! D'oh!) .

I could also be playing with Flight Unlimited. I have some screen shots of me doing a very bad hammerhead stall. I used to send a lot of time playing Diablo. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for "RPG"s. I've got a screen capture of the first character with which I defeated Diablo. These days, I'm probably playing Tribes. It's a first person shooter, with an emphasis on team play. Lotsa fun. I could be Everquest'ing, too.

Here are a few links more I have found interesting... although if you do much Web browsing, you've probably seen these already.

  • More info about High Performance CPUs than you can shake a stick at.
  • Yahoo, a nicely organized page of... stuff.
  • Instructions (and demonstrations!) on how to light a BBQ grill quickly. You gotta see this!
  • Along the same lines, what happens when folks at SGI used to get rowdy!
  • Sky and Telescope Magazine online.
  • And the best (IMHO) search engine on the Web.
  • The Dialectizer! Way too much fun. Check out the Redneck version of this page.
  • And a few friends:
  • Find out why Ethan isn't home watching Babylon-5.
  • More than you want to know about George, and what he does with his spare time.
  • Mowgli, what more needs to be said?
  • Dave loves his SGIs.
  • TGGD is a man of many talents.
  • Ray is a very busy man.
  • My wife, Pam has a link here! She finally updated her home page!

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